"Those who oppress the Poor, insult their maker. But those who are kind to the needy honor God!"   Proverbs 14:31

Somewhere in Europe tonight, a child in extreme poverty will go to bed hungry. This same child has not been afforded the opportunity to receive proper nutrition, an education or even been introduced to the good news of Jesus Christ. Europe's Child Missions goal is to do everything within our power to reverse this crisis.

Our Mission

"Europe's Child" Missions is a non-profit missions religious organization whose core values are aimed at providing Wellness to poor children across Europe through nutrition, vitamins and hygiene. Secondly, we endeavor to provide an opportunity for each child to be presented the Word of God and a chance to be introduced to Jesus Christ. Lastly, we partner with other ministries to help establish places of Worship and Leadership Training in villages across Europe.


Children's Camps

We provide camps for underprivileged children. Currently we are running three camps in Hungary and one in Romania. This year we will minister to over five hundred children through our camps for kids ministries.

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